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If you like craft beer, this is the blog for you.

My name is Jim, head brewer and an owner of LogOff Brewing. Over the last two years I often received the same question, when are you going to open the brewery? Until recently the answer was always the same. “We are still looking for the right spot to open.”  

I would post different updates on Facebook letting people know we were still looking or post pictures of the latest beers, shirts, hats, or glassware. This got me thinking, there must be a better way to keep people up to date but not overload our social media followers with all the nitty gritty details of opening a brewery. That’s when I realized a blog would be a great way to give everyone in depth updates about our brewery progress and when we will open.

Our goals are to provide our supporters, beer enthusiasts and home brewers with:

  1. Construction, Brewing and Opening Updates
  2. Insight into what it takes to open a brewery
  3. General thoughts about beer, beer styles and recipes
  4. The people who make craft beer possible

If you like craft beer and like knowing the details behind what it takes to brew the beer you love, then this is the blog for you! Enter your email address in the field below and click submit to get all the latest blog and newsletters from LogOff Brewing!

I look forward to sharing LogOff Brewing’s journey with you.


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  1. Can’t wait to see everything this place has to offer!

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